Self-Deprecation Looks Good on You

Self-Deprecation Looks Good on You


Self-Deprecation Looks Good On You is a collection of poems and personal essays that intertwine Lauren Keul’s personal experiences with the concept of breaking down society’s expectations to grow as an individual. Since the subject matter of this collection is close to Keul’s heart, she used the process of writing as a sort of catharsis, allowing herself to let go and be free. Many of the poems connect the concepts of personal love and loss, as they relate to abandoning society’s inflicted mold. The essays are a social critique of the expectations families pass down through generations regarding mental health, politics, and sexuality. This collection aims to strike its readers in their hearts with its sense of relatability, encouraging them to lead their lives with love and understanding.


    Lauren Keul, an Ohio-native, is a writer, an artist, and most importantly, a human being. She aims to express herself while also bringing people together with her art forms. 


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