A Toxic Twist (E-Book)

A Toxic Twist (E-Book)


A collection of poetry about one woman's experience as a young, black and outspoken in a world filled with hate. Phoenix Michel takes you on a journey through her life, detailing her experiences and the challenges she faced. Each poem, an exploration of her mind. Surviving bias' and contradictions, the mind of this ambitious artist on the rise, captivates her readers with her tantalizing play on words.


    Phoenix Michel is a Haitian-American writer, born and raised in Hempstead, NY, a small town on Long Island. In discovering her ability to express complex thoughts with her words, she began writing. She took her passion for writing and channeled it into her lyrics. 

     "I love writing because it's the one thing I can do naturally. I just listen for the words. And I find them. In my spirit, in melodies, in music, in the air and that's what I write. I only write what I feel...It's the most beautiful experience!"

    Now having mastered her craft, she went after her dream of being a published writer. "A Toxic Twist", her first collection of poetry. Refusing to be defined, she continues to work, reporting the possibility of a future collaboration projects.